Thursday, May 10, 2012

raw mind

corruption lives
sanity dies
greed fuels greed forever
becoming fear
releasing hate
corruptions breath, a stench in our lives
greed, an atrosity,
we must attain.

raw soul

The void of life
you don't understand
nor comprehend
this life, a void
a crude fragility
reckoned by our minds
sickened by actuality
revel in insanity
the beckoning of silence
to the heart of man
we will decay

Friday, May 4, 2012

Raw Heart

I see the end of emotion
I feel the end of all life
I give a bow to fragility.

I see the stars in the night time
I hear the moon speak to me
I live between Infinitys
I give a bow to fragility.

Stare like zombies into nothingness
I sense more life from a corpse
To me all life is mysterious
I live for life, I give a bow to fragility.