Tuesday, November 30, 2010

winter begins

Sat by the fire, nov 2010

I don't know if your supposed to be angry at the weather but I certainly feel that way sometimes, like an ape in a freezer, on cocaine.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Chapter 2

First pots at boscean, nov 2010.

Building site/yard.

Boscean cottages.

Just a short post to say first pots being made at Boscean pottery. Little snow and hail this week as winter kicks in, these pictures are actually a bit late but I have limited access to internet at the moment. The workshop and house are so cold and im wearing about 7 layers a day, the pots arent dryng out very well but have enjoyed making them. Im using quite a heavy kickwheel and it's working for me well. Im stocking up wood for the kiln and spending hours preparing my funding bids. Can't wait to see my family and take time away at christmas but also love the quietude of my present existence, it has come at a brilliant time, 24 years old.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pottery post

Storage jar by author.

' Bodilly jug' by author

'Bodilly bowl' stack by author

'Bodilly mug' by author

Tenmoku* teapot by author

Tenmoku teapot on hand made tables in 'The essence of tea' Chinese tea shop in Falmouth.

I am putting together a website for my pottery business in St. Just (http://www.bodillypottery.co.uk/) is under construction. Over the last week I have taken a few shots for the site and for postcards, etc..

I am working on finding the funding for my business. I am building and planning a kiln site and pizza /pasty oven at Boscean pottery. My business involves communities such as St.just community(local), Cornish craft the general pottery community and the Chinese tea community with its base in Church street, Falmouth.

*Tenmoku is a Japanese word for the Chinese Tang dynasty Black/rust glaze type


Church street in falmouth, outside 'the essence of tea' shop.
nov 2nd 2010