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Boscean before christmas

The display is becoming satisfactory

Tea pot sketches by author

The last two weeks have been busy, finishing whatever before the christmas break. Im still a yardsman but have made a few pots. I havent put any pictures of the first firing yet. I havent really had much patience these last couple of days or maybe its just been tested 'sorely'!

I have had many thoughts on the mystic realm these last week and my dreams have taken me far into their adventures. I believe in the mystic. The unseen and unknown that effects all of us more than we will ever know.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

winter begins

Sat by the fire, nov 2010

I don't know if your supposed to be angry at the weather but I certainly feel that way sometimes, like an ape in a freezer, on cocaine.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Chapter 2

First pots at boscean, nov 2010.

Building site/yard.

Boscean cottages.

Just a short post to say first pots being made at Boscean pottery. Little snow and hail this week as winter kicks in, these pictures are actually a bit late but I have limited access to internet at the moment. The workshop and house are so cold and im wearing about 7 layers a day, the pots arent dryng out very well but have enjoyed making them. Im using quite a heavy kickwheel and it's working for me well. Im stocking up wood for the kiln and spending hours preparing my funding bids. Can't wait to see my family and take time away at christmas but also love the quietude of my present existence, it has come at a brilliant time, 24 years old.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pottery post

Storage jar by author.

' Bodilly jug' by author

'Bodilly bowl' stack by author

'Bodilly mug' by author

Tenmoku* teapot by author

Tenmoku teapot on hand made tables in 'The essence of tea' Chinese tea shop in Falmouth.

I am putting together a website for my pottery business in St. Just (http://www.bodillypottery.co.uk/) is under construction. Over the last week I have taken a few shots for the site and for postcards, etc..

I am working on finding the funding for my business. I am building and planning a kiln site and pizza /pasty oven at Boscean pottery. My business involves communities such as St.just community(local), Cornish craft the general pottery community and the Chinese tea community with its base in Church street, Falmouth.

*Tenmoku is a Japanese word for the Chinese Tang dynasty Black/rust glaze type


Church street in falmouth, outside 'the essence of tea' shop.
nov 2nd 2010

Thursday, October 28, 2010

post. 97

Brizens and cape Cornwall from kenidjack valley, sun down.

Boscean cottage

I have moved to kenidjack valey in st.Just cornwall to reinstate Boscean pottery as a working pottery. I have been here for 7 weeks now and enjoying it also. I havent uploaded many photos recently and have no internet so blogging is on hold. At first I lived in my 1915 British army issue bell tent until the atlantic winds enraged me. Then I slept in the shop for ten days until I could move into the cottage. It was buildt around 17-18oo's and is made of granite. I can se the isles of scilly from my bedroom window on a clear day and the sunsets are sublime. It adjoins a farm and there is lots of wildlife with rugged mining/coastal landscape.Its got a woodburner too. Hope I can make more blogs from Boscean and about my life as a potter/philosopher/man and you will enjoy them. Cheers, Jake.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The other realm
the mystic way
light that brings tears of joy from my heart
beyond the path of venture
sitting pretty
the vibrations linger in my soul

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We do not have a consciousness or a conscience

As a mass
The herd
Stride daily
As a fungus

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Golowan (mazey day)

Mazey day, Indian dancers.
Midsomers day is the church feast of
st. John the baptist. St. John is the patron saint of Penzance and the name 'Pen' 'sans' means holy head which refers to him. Golowan's celebration was suppressed for a hundred years by the victorians and brilliantly revived at the end of the last century by the local community and is called Mazey day. Everyday should be like that, It was like the medieval times but with spungebob squarepants balloons.
I took some of the worst pictures of my life unfortunately.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Burger van, Porthleven

Welcome to the burger van of dreams
where life is not as it seems.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The meaning of life




Fisherman, 5.30 morning

The meaning of life as I write at this particular moment is to listen to Beethoven's piano works but yes I am really trying to get at something here today this morning night. Watch the sun go down after a day drinking Heligan honey ale light a fire with a poet rest by the fire of the night and listen to the frustration of the brimming sea against the shore. The Dolphin and the fishermann share the ocean as the sun arises and into a new day there is always Beethoven, hahahahhahhahahahah.

Monday, May 24, 2010

some time

Fish and avocado, Music and Cornish ale, beach and fire, laughter and cider, smoke and tea, unknowing and late, sea and sky, moonlight and calm, rising sun and birds, every colour and many deep feelings, my mother and my father, climbing and descending, hunger and morning, crystal water and sea creatures, cold but washed, rocks and mussels, sand and sticks, warmth and rest, fishing boats and silver water, lots of breakfast and time, dolphins and people, hot and full, town and hill, tea bowls and smashed cups, deep feelings and no connection, bare feet down hill, Michel and car, heat and bustle, tired and distant, surreal and messy, salad and shade, home and bed, tired and aching, tea and ginger, gypsy love and chinese tea, strength and joy...........................

Monday, May 17, 2010

may 2010

I have to be me and not me to be me.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Knowledge of love is bliss.
Fear is the greatest illusion.
With fear one loses all hope of growth.
Exracts from 'The impeccable mind' by James Francois