Thursday, November 26, 2009

catch from afar.

Wobage farm sunset. 23/11/09

As I stated in my last blog, sometimes us Cornish have to travel afar to find what we are looking for and I ended up catching this bugger on a farm with a field full of perry pear trees and sheep with a warm autumn sunset in behind. How quintessentially English of the Herefordians to think of such an arrangement just as I turned up, jolly good show.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cornish photography

St.ives harbour, low tide.

What with Cornwall's fishing, mining and farming being up the spout local cornish people have suddenly turned to photography to help bring home the bacon. They are using much the same methods as with the old crafts but just utilising them elsewhere. Going far distances to gain a catch to bring home as in fishing. Delving deeper into the subject to obtain better quality material as they would have down the mines and working year round growing collections of photo's for the whole community to feast upon. This particular print is £265 framed plus postage and packaging, hahaha. Buy now for quick delivery......

Sunday, November 15, 2009

After the storm

After the storm, Penzance prom.

Local lads await monster waves.

Local lads play with monster waves blasting over the walls, Penzance promenade.

As severe weather warnings are given to the south of England this week I was lucky enough to be in Penzance at high tide yesterday evening, the light was poor and the waves unpredictable but I managed to meet these young lads playing with the blasts on the promenade. It is a shame though as the daybefore the prom was closed and i'm sure this was a dummed down event compared to that. The prom was laden with sea weed and there were many spectators enjoying the evening battery, one onlooker stated, 'better than bloody fireworks day though intit'.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Balancing stone, Cape Cornwall.

This photo is a little ode to Edward Weston. I read a small book on him this week and it made me cry when it said he took his last picture entitled 'rocks and pebbles' in 1948. He took beautiful photos that I feel spoke a lot about his freedom when travelling or with friends. Peace and respect.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

mushroom season

Mushrooms, Nats garden, Hereford.
It is time for mushrooms as autumn is upon us. I dont know enough about them but I did take a deathcap home to my mum once to see if we could eat them and she thought I had contaminated her whole kitchen including freshly made stew! sorry mah! Richard will know what it is i'm sure, and will leave a comment. Peace to ya all and find some mushroom man.