Sunday, November 15, 2009

After the storm

After the storm, Penzance prom.

Local lads await monster waves.

Local lads play with monster waves blasting over the walls, Penzance promenade.

As severe weather warnings are given to the south of England this week I was lucky enough to be in Penzance at high tide yesterday evening, the light was poor and the waves unpredictable but I managed to meet these young lads playing with the blasts on the promenade. It is a shame though as the daybefore the prom was closed and i'm sure this was a dummed down event compared to that. The prom was laden with sea weed and there were many spectators enjoying the evening battery, one onlooker stated, 'better than bloody fireworks day though intit'.


Anonymous said...

Def better than fireworks ! Nice one mate.

Diane said...

Just found you and love your photos. I am a big fan of Cornwall and try to visit every year - but make do with bloggers photo's for the rest of the year. Ive just been to Paris if you want to pop over and take a look at my photos.