Saturday, October 17, 2009

Me (Jacob Bodilly)

Unlike the parasite

Want to be famous, plant a tree
Do something at least
Think before you speak
A blade of grass is as righteous as you, the Muslim the Christian the Buddha the Jew
What is the point in death for death, just a sorry situation?
We are dust, be at one with stone for it outlives and endures for infinity
Unlike the parasite

By Jacob Bodilly

Sunday 18th October 2009


St Ives Birds & Photo Journal said...

Nice one my bird. I like that poem as it's all too true....

Jacob ross Bodilly said...

Thanks I thought it was a bit too much personally but I was on one.hhehe

Michel said...

SO unbritish saying no to the mower, proof to your cornish creedentials.

elaine said...

i like your text and your happy candid portrait :)

kris said...

this poem is just what my mind is looking now, thanks for sharing, keep going, kris.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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