Tuesday, January 19, 2010

An image born of boredom

A broken light from tourist picture point 08.

I have arrived back in St. Ives today and have gone into the archive to give you this!
Every day in St. Ives the same thing happens. A tourist takes a picture from this exact angle near the bus teminal. Imagine how many people out there have a photo from this rather ordinary spot. I am guessing into the billions.
And so I went about the mammoth task of grabbing my own little memoir from 'tourist picture point', as I am proclaiming it. And hell yes did it feel good, 'oh yess' I thought to myself upon the pinnacle of touristic photographic bliss.
I cant wait for the summer for all the visitors to come again so I can watch them getting their little kicks there at the point, oohhh.
I never knew a broken light would create such a following I would have been reborn as one or maybe a beefburger. Goodnight.

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Diane said...

The broken light is almost as famous as the "Green Door"! I think its one of the reasons that I love St Ives - its a bit "mental" as well as heartbreakingly beautiful. Thanks for your comment - I had lost you again so I'm glad you stopped by - although - you took your time!! xxx