Saturday, March 20, 2010

rising ramble

I live within a society that doesn't know how to communicate. After thousands and millions of years I am here now as a human being called Jacob Ross Bodilly. My instincts are intact but The humans before said that they are 'not needed here thank you very much' and everyone got a bit too clever so that what could do more, does less and the cycle is downwards and sidewards. I want to rise above and be something other than myself. I will use my body as a landing place for my flight into the everthing but then no one will know what I am, but I will have to just deal with that wont I, because empathy is in a pathetic position like an insane victim. However strong you must keep up the fight or die worthlessly. Rise above yourself you egotist.

Note to reader; I am not one anything.

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fairspaintings said...

climb the rock my friend