Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mynd's eye

The motorway sounds like the sea from far away
The cars are a carriage, just as any matter, holding matter
Peace is not an illusion and games end as quickly as they were started
Sometimes there is joy and laughter amongst the pain and struggle
There is a feeling of guilt that feeds on the vision of destruction
Like when something so fragile is taken for granted and not celebrated for it's worth
The waves sound like cars that pass you by on the motorway
Their arrival and dissipation echo an uneasing sound like bare knees falling onto grey gravel
Everything may be likened to something else, like the cold glare of a warm eye or the sound of an engine to that of the ocean.
The size of life depends upon the minds eye
The sound of the sun is unimaginably loud yet we will never hear it
We are infinitely huge and miniscule

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