Sunday, January 30, 2011

january pots

January pots
I was asked to make pots for the Lander gallery in truro at christmas, I knew it would be a tight squeeze to get stock to them by the 15th of january because of slow drying times. Michel helped me out and we fired hisbig gas kiln together, the highlight was glazing until 4.30 in the morning and then sleeping in my car. So the pots are in truro and quite happy with the finishes. I used lighter glazes such as Celadon, woodash glaze and Karatsu glaze wihich came out lavender colour, slightly questionable but strangely likeable. It has led me into more production but at last I have started making Sake and teaware. I have fallen in love with Mino tea caddies.
Meanwhile Boscean has been cold and beautiful, the pipes froze and burst (only outside), the bills are unpayeable. I have been collecting samples of clay that I have found on the cliff paths.

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