Sunday, February 27, 2011

winter haul

This week I have rested after firing two kilns at Michel Francois pottery. We fired a Tenmoku kiln on friday and then a big kiln on saturday. The results were happy and lifts the weight of all the hard work of january and february. I filled the big kiln with domestic ware, teaware and sakeware plus a few bottle vases and porcelain pieces which I do not usually make.
There were a few test glazes this time including one made purely from Granite and woodash. I also tested ten materials I have collected from cliffs and rivers over the past couple of months with interesting results. I am happy to have new teaware.
I thank Michel for supporting me and letting me use his recipes, workshop and kilns, for the food and friendship. I also thank rob for his insight into glazes and materials testing.

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wabi sabi said...

Nice looking pots and glazes Jake. I especially like the chun. Did you ever try the nuka?
1/3 woodash
1/3 flint
1/3 potash feldspar
these are the rough proportions you need but if you want to lower the firing temp use more ash in thje recipe. This is a beautiful chun when used over this khaki recipe.
70 - cornish stone
20 - iron ball caly or earthenware
10 - whiting
7.5 - red iron
I have got m y candadian visa now so staying here full time.
Hope the weathers is not too bad, don't worry soon spring will be sprung!
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