Sunday, February 27, 2011

winter haul

This week I have rested after firing two kilns at Michel Francois pottery. We fired a Tenmoku kiln on friday and then a big kiln on saturday. The results were happy and lifts the weight of all the hard work of january and february. I filled the big kiln with domestic ware, teaware and sakeware plus a few bottle vases and porcelain pieces which I do not usually make.
There were a few test glazes this time including one made purely from Granite and woodash. I also tested ten materials I have collected from cliffs and rivers over the past couple of months with interesting results. I am happy to have new teaware.
I thank Michel for supporting me and letting me use his recipes, workshop and kilns, for the food and friendship. I also thank rob for his insight into glazes and materials testing.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

When I drink the essence of tea
late at night alone
the taste is subtle
bitter sweet.

The leaves have played their final melody
the last lights of brewing
the water is tasty
refreshing my being.