Friday, February 24, 2012

Hannah Lawrence pottery

Molochite porcelain teacups with celadon glaze interior

Shino glaze teapot

Hannah is a unique crafts woman with a great understanding of the beauty of nature , art and life. Her recent pottery works are made in response to learning more about brewing and drinking chinese tea. Hannah's pottery is all made by handbuilding and not on a potters wheel, making the work quite animated and otherwordly. There is a lot of magic captured in the fired clay which is often left raw on the outside. The clay reveals the making process, and this is no walk in the park, patience is a virtue and each of Hannah's pots are made with so much care. Hannah uses three main clays of porcelain, stoneware and blackclay which are fired to 1280 degrees centigrade in a gas kiln. I hope you enjoy the photos.......and there will be more where these came from.......

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