Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Italy day two

The crazy guy, probably dosed up, he had a hammerhead shark haircut and scars all over his face.

Shirt covered in shit, football stadium.

I took so many pictures its real hard to edit them. I don't know what to do with them all.
The problem with photo's is that sometimes you select them because they are personal moments and they don't come across so strongly to an audience.
I really enjoyed photographing Padova city, it had so many characters.
I tried a few new methods of trying to get a bit closer to subjects and extending landscapes further into the frame whilst I was away. I have come forward in my photo taking lately but I am still not happy, I feel I need more grit and more personal encounters with subjects. Its always old people and stuff.
I experiemented with a less conventional framing method with some of my shots whilst I was away by taking random shots at random angles. I think this will become more apparent in the following weeks on this blog.
I have lowered the picture quality on this post to save time but I think it was a shit idea.
Lesson: do things generously.


Anonymous said...

I really like those top two Italy ones my bird....

elaine said...

great use of light wand shadows for this insight to Italy