Sunday, March 29, 2009

Venice, imaginary playground

Some pics from Venice, 'gotta' get 'em up because they'll get old. Strange place, can't say it was that great for me. I just couldn't relate to it at all. Probably won't go again. Was quite nice on the piazzas in the evening. There isn't really anywhere to relax and its real dark everywhere. That new bridge they built is really embarassing. That graffiti, 'imaginary playground' sums it up. You imagine you could play there but you can't. My heart sinks when I remember Venice. I stayed in a Japanese tea room hotel, it was the best place I went in Italy because it had nothing to do with Italy. No I didn't go on a gondola.


Anonymous said...

It looks far more depressing than St Ives mate.
Actually St Ives is not depressing it's just you that's depressed ha ha.
You seem to be getting an obsession for wide expanses of rear end and that bloke with the cap on looks like my neighbour, he used to be a chef and cooked for BL back in the day :-))

jacob bodilly said...

yes, this is the world through the eyes of a cynic. Get ready for gloom, hahaha.