Monday, May 4, 2009

To boldly go where no photographer has been before


I wanted to do a blog tonight called, 'another boring nice photo' which was going to be an attack on photographs that look nice for about one second and then you don't want to look at them anymore, but if I was to put one of my boring nice photos up I would be just as bad wouldn't I. So I really hope from now on I can just select the great photographs. I mean everyone has a million photo's now because of digital and its all to easy really and then you cant select one so you pick anything, thats what people do I think. I'm pissed off and bored by it all, the flimsyness of it all, surely we can say something definitive a few times withour magic photo box machines.

You know we are aliens don't you but we just don't admit it. Thats why we have all these crazy inventions and big monkey brain technologies. Fuck boring nice photographs, I don't just want mild mystery I want full blown fucking witchery. hahhahahahaa

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Anonymous said...

You izza Warlock Mizzer Jaircob, you izza Warlock tez no dowtin' et.
Oi'll be tallin' the witchfoinder general about ee so Oi will!!!!!!!