Sunday, May 3, 2009

subversive figures exhibition

'Toy soldier' by Robert Bradford

Robert Bradford

Hey there, I went to the 'subversive figures exhibition last night and had a really good time, everyone was really cheery and the atmosphere was healthy, unlike the show at the newlyn arts gallery last weekend. It was held at the St. Ives society of artists gallery which is a beautiful renovated chapel in Norway square.

It is ''An exhibition of figurative painting and sculpture which explores the strange territory and occasional overlap between the beautiful and the ugly.''

The show is made up from a group of artists working in Cornwall, they are; Robert Bradford, Una d'Arigona, Sue Dove, Ian Dunlop, Sara Jenkins, Karen Lorenz, Penny Macbeth, Morwenna Morrison, Lisa stuart, Linda styles.

My favourite piece was 'Toy soldier' by Robert Bradford, a huge sculpture of a space age type soldier made of old toys that greats you with his pink gun as you enter the exhibition. I spent so much time being excited about it that I didn't really give the other works much time which is a shame, maybe i'll go back when i'm not tired and pissed on cheap booze.

I wish them all the best, sound as a pound. check out their blog;


Jude said...

What kind of curry did you have?

jacob bodilly said...

vegetable balti innit. I was high but I feel fat now.

Anonymous said...

And a wonderful time was had by all. I bought a little "after Wade" figure by Linda Styles and I've called it "the singing ringing thing" because it makes me feel nervous like that old kids programme "the singing ringing tree"

Anonymous said...

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