Thursday, April 30, 2009

man in the mirror

Dudio, Venice.

Going back through my images of Italy again, I went there for two reaons only. (1). To visit Nats who was working there in a nursery. (2). To take loads of pitures. I am still deleting the bloody things, I must have taken about 3000 photos. Oh well, really enjoyed it and I think I satisfied my appetite for coffee and cigarettes and biscotti's and pasta and pizza and dodgy fashion and photos, but not of Nats. Of her, I am a complete addict!

'I'm talkin bout the maaaan in da mirror, I'm askin him to change his wayays'. That song always made me think of going to the post office with my mum when I was a little kid, I still remember a day dream I had about it year ago, all the booths turned into mirrors and all the people disappeared, it was grey silver and there was no way out until I woke up.

Jacob Bodilly secret: I used to dress up as Micheal Jackson when I was about 5 and do all the moves, Yeh.


Anonymous said...

Now why doesn't that surprise me Jake? ha ha.
Nice shot of the dude with the ipod.
Fucking awful sunglasses though ;-))

jacob bodilly said...

yeh i know. If e went to liverpoowl eed get is fockin ed kicked in right!