Saturday, January 28, 2012

80's Lui bao smokes from the Qing dynasty celadon teacups

Sun drying

The sun brought warmth into the shop today yet my fingertips were numb, I utilised the warmth and puts some pots out to dry. I felt happy to see the sun today, it makes living here even more magic. The cake of young puehr Mansai has suffered the effects of damp and has started to grow tiny green spores. I have removed the areas of spoilt leaves but will keep the rest, I hope I just got there in time because it is a beautiful and pungent tea I bought especially.

I am feeling positive that things can only get more powerful now this year.

Because the Mansai was spoilt I had some 80's Lui Bao instead, luckily some guests came and I shared it too.

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